Fully Featured Web Hosting, For Free

A Web-hosting service operated by RPI students, with extra awesome.

MyRPI will be discontinued on December 1, 2016. Please retrieve your data before this date.

Off-campus access to MyRPI will cease on November 1, 2016.

What is MyRPI-Space?

MyRPI-Space is a web hosting service maintained by the Student Senate's Web Technologies Group that provides access to cutting-edge web technologies not offered by RPI itself or by the Rensselaer Union. With MyRPI-Space, we want to encourage tech-savvy students to explore, experiment, and work with an advanced web platform without having to run their own individual servers. MyRPI-Space is run by students, for students.

So what does this service cost, anyway?

All accounts on MyRPI-Space are 100% free. Service will be available until you graduate.

You may want to check out our Terms of Service to learn all the details.

I'm interested. How do I get started?

Just hit the link up above to sign up!

Where can I go for help?

There are several ways to get in touch with us and get help with your MyRPI-Space. Before you contact us, check our wiki out at http://wiki.myrpi.org. If you think others might be having the same issue you are, there's a good chance we've already documented it. If you're still having trouble, you can always open a ticket with our support system: http://admin.myrpi.org/support. Someone will try to get back to your ticket within a day or two, sometimes within minutes if it is of an pressing concern. Of course, there's always email: senate-webmaster@union.rpi.edu.

Doesn't RPI already offer web hosting to its students?

Yes, students already have personal web space at http://rpi.edu/~rcsid. But the web space offered by RPI has a strictly imposed space restriction and no support for server-side scripting, such as PHP, CGI, and Ruby on Rails. Students with pages at MyRPI-Space each request a custom sub-domain of MyRPI.org upon registration. That means that http://monkey.myrpi.org and http://yourrcsid.myrpi.org would both be just fine.

Even better, we offer the following stuff out of the box:

  • PHP
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Perl / CGI
  • Shell Access
  • 3 FTP Accounts
  • 3 MySQL Databases
  • 3 Subdomains
  • 2GB Bandwidth
  • 100 Megabytes of Web space (More Available Upon Request)
  • Other features available upon request as deemed appropriate

Users get their own poweful administration panels to use for controlling their accounts, and we'll most certainly consider any feature requests we get - all that it takes is a simple submission to our ticketing system or sending an email to us!